Friday, February 19, 2016

A Quantum of Snark

A puckish lady writes a weekly column at Power Line under the nom de plume Ammo Grrrl, appearing on Fridays. Today she has two morsels I'd share with you, the first deals with the Clinton candidacy.
We hear a lot about RINOs. Bill is trying desperately to become First HINO – Husband In Name Only.
There have been several First WINOs - First Wives In Name Only - most recently Hillary and earlier Jackie, Mamie and Eleanor. Ammo Grrrl's second morsel deconstructs Madeleine Albright's "special place in Hell" comment.
About the urgent need for women to “help” women, just because they are women: give it a rest, Madeleine. You were confirmed 99-0 by the heavily-male Senate nearly 20 years ago. Since then, there has been a Black woman Secretary of State, and then Hillary. No wonder you feel the need to lecture young women. Someone who is, say, 35 or younger, has never known a time when women couldn’t be anything they put their minds to – doctor, lawyer, astronaut, general, business executive, news anchor. It’s over. We won. And winners shouldn’t whine.
I don't hear men whining about the fact that, on average, we live several fewer years than do women - it's blatantly unfair.