Monday, February 29, 2016

A Trump Foreign Policy Imagined

Ben Judah imagines for The Independent (U.K.) what a Trump foreign policy would look like, based on what The Donald has said on the campaign. Given Trump's proclivity for doing unscripted stream-of-consciousness rants about whatever, this could be problematic but fun, interesting.

I don't see much in Trump's imagined foreign policy about which to be anxious. See Judah's summary:
What is Trump’s view of the world? One that rips up the Republican rulebook. The Donald is Putin-friendly, ambiguous on Israel, a trade protectionist, furious at America’s freeloading allies, seethingly anti-Chinese, and above all anti-Mexican. Not to mention of course that this is a man who cares little about democracy promotion or human rights, and would play at war as roughly as Russia – rather than with the usual United Nations rules of engagement in mind.
Most economists believe protectionism stunts global economic development but they've been wrong before. American voters may be tired of subsidizing development in the third world by giving them our manufacturing jobs.