Friday, February 19, 2016

Is Our Nation's "House" Sick?

ABC News political analyst Matt Dowd has written a thoughtful disquisition on modern American politics. He argues that the system is so broken that it takes good, sincere people who win office and turns them into do-nothing timeservers.

Dowd uses the analogy of a "sick building," full of mold, asbestos and lead pipes, which sickens otherwise healthy people who inhabit it. An amazing quote concerning Clinton and Trump:
As of today, the two leading candidates for their parties' nominations are simultaneously unelectable on their own. This is an awful choice about to be presented to the U.S. public this November.
As a long-time student of domestic politics, I remember people saying the U.S. presidency was broken following Nixon, Ford, and Carter. They made complaints not unlike Dowd's.

Then Reagan came along and suddenly the presidency wasn't broken after all; it only needed the right person to occupy it. Perhaps this November, we can elect a "right person." Let's try hard, shall we?