Monday, February 8, 2016

The "Wrong" Kind of Diversity

The Unz Review takes a look at hiring in Silicon Valley, more particularly at allegations that the workforce is excessively white.
There is no way that one can characterize Silicon Valley as overwhelmingly white with a straight face. Silicon Valley is quite diverse. The diversity just happens to represent the half of the human race with origins in the swath of territory between India and then east and north up to Korea.

The diversity problem isn’t about lack of diversity. It is about the right kind of diversity for a particular socio-political narrative. (snip) People of Asian origin are 5% of the American work force, but north of 30% in much of the Valley. If you want more underrepresented minorities hiring fewer of these people would certainly help.
Except, one supposes these firms hire those most qualified to do the jobs, many of whom happen to be Asian. Contrary to PC dogma, the relevant skills and abilities are not equally prevalent in all groups. Hat tip to RealClearPolicy for the link.