Friday, March 4, 2016

The Mouse Squeeks

The Associated Press reports via Yahoo News that Canadian PM Justin Trudeau said the following while being interviewed on 60 Minutes. Asked what Canadians don't like about Americans, the transcript shows he replied:
It might be nice if they paid a little more attention to the world. Having a little more of an awareness of what's going on in the rest of the world, I think is, is what many Canadians would hope for Americans.
What Trudeau means is Canadians pay a lot of attention to the U.S. while most Americans pay little-to-no attention to Canada. Of course, he is correct. Canadian TV regularly reports the U.S. news, U.S. TV rarely returns the favor.

Most Canadians have traveled in the U.S., far fewer Americans have traveled in Canada, which is a shame. It is a very nice country for summer travel; the DrsC have enjoyed RVing in BC and the Canadian Rockies (Alberta) in the West plus the Maritimes (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick) in the East. Many enjoy Quebec ... we tend to avoid it ... the French, you know.

Someone once compared being Canadian to being a mouse bedded down next to an elephant. That mouse sleeps with one eye open lest the elephant roll over in its sleep and crush him, with no malice whatsoever, The elephant, obviously, sleeps undisturbed. Naturally enough, the mouse wishes the elephant was more "aware" of others trying to sleep nearby.