Sunday, July 17, 2016

Jeb Beclowns Self

Jeb Bush writes in The Washington Post that Donald Trump does not represent the future of the Republican Party. Perhaps he will eventually be proven correct.

What is absolutely clear at this point is that Jeb Bush does not represent the present of the Republican party. During the primary season just ended he spent a ton of money proving his nonrepresentation beyond any argument.

In politics as in life timing is everything. Jeb's timing has been lousy. Had he been elected in 2000 in lieu of his brother George, history might have treated him much differently.

Today, Jeb's position vis-a-vis the GOP resembles that of the former governor of New York, Nelson Rockefeller. Namely, as the avatar of a brand of Republicanism with many former customers.

One of those great realignments is happening, and Jeb has been left behind. The 2016 primary offered  Republican a spectrum of candidate choices, essentially no faction was omitted. Perhaps primary voters chose wisely, perhaps not, we'll know in November. What they did not chooose was Jeb.

Jeb Bush, requiescat in pace; go back to Goldman Sachs and try to get over yourself.