Friday, July 15, 2016

What If?

I have been thinking about the various elected Republicans who have gone on record as "unable to vote for Trump." Presumably they expect him to lose in November, whereupon they will be vindicated while those who went along with the primary voters' pick will be disgraced.

What happens to the "unable" if Trump wins? I haven't heard any speculation about that possibility.

Do you picture The Donald as a forgive-and-forget kind of guy? Or do you suspect he might harbor grudges? I predict he will reward loyalty and only forgive disloyalty when it is to his advantage to do so.

Expect substantial turnover among Republican party elites in the event of a Trump win. Many former poobahs may find themselves "exploring new career opportunities" or "spending more time with their families." Perhaps a new elite more in tune with the party base will emerge; it's an outcome much to be encouraged.