Friday, January 13, 2017

Hamlet in the White House

If you look hard enough, even anti-Trump MSM actors like The Washington Post can make some good points. For example, David Ignatius writes about the Russian hacking issue:
Why did the Obama administration wait so long to deal with Russia’s apparent hacking? This is the Hamlet puzzle in our drama. Like the prince of Denmark, President Obama delayed taking action even as evidence mounted of dastardly deeds. The first stories about Russian hacking broke in the summer. In September, the “Gang of Eight” — the top congressional leadership on intelligence — was getting detailed briefings on the hacking. The FBI by then had obtained the British ex-spy’s dossier.

The intelligence community issued a statement Oct. 7 charging that “Russia’s senior-most officials” had sought to “interfere with the U.S. election process.” Given that, why didn’t Obama do more?
Ignatius tries to answer this question but what he comes up with is it happened because "politics." That isn't good enough for a President.

Like all his predecessors, Obama swore to defend the country from enemies foreign and domestic. He concentrated too much on defense against domestic 'enemies' (Republicans) and not enough on the real foreign enemies like Russia.