Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Rest of the Story

The late radio "drama queen" Paul Harvey would declaim, "and now...the rest of the story." Chances are, you heard him do it.

In the last few days you've heard that European leaders are "shocked, shocked" that Donald Trump has said NATO is "obsolete." Trump added NATO is "very unfair to the United States," which spends hugely to protect all 28 member nations.

Do you know what else he said at the same time? You don't? That's because the MSM didn't want to tell you the rest of the story. According to Paul Mirengoff of Power Line, Trump continued "With that being said, NATO is very important to me."

If NATO is "very important" to Donald Trump, why should European leaders be aghast at what he said? All he said was NATO needs to be modernized and made fair.

Their concern is he will demand they live up to their NATO treaty commitments to spend at least 2% of their GDP on defense. Their free-loading constituents have become accustomed to paying little for defense, and may throw them out of office if they try to raise defense spending.

They also fear Trump will demand they close their borders to Islamic refugees, some of whom are terrorists. Doing so would require actions they don't wish to undertake, perhaps their own "wall" or equivalent.