Saturday, April 15, 2017

Protest March a Joke

We are seeing articles like one from The Hill at MSN about a supposed "nationwide march" to protest Donald Trump's failure to release his tax returns. What a joke, it's an excuse for snowflakes to scream and stamp their tiny feet.

Anybody who thinks the Obama IRS wouldn't have leaked like a sieve about any real problems they found in Trump's taxes is dreaming. Ergo, any problems are minor, essentially debatable among CPAs and tax attorneys.

We understand Trump is rich, virtually beyond the imagining of mortal man. Do you know personally anybody who owns a full-size passenger jet and a helicopter? A tower in Manhattan and a country club in Palm Beach?

Knowing all this we elected him anyway, perhaps in part because of it. How will anything in his tax returns change our opinion of him? Short answer: it won't.