Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Resistance Deconstructed

The Deep State in Washington DC and the Dems in general keep trying to pull down President Trump. So  far, they've had no luck. They keep on screeching and he keeps on doing his thing. I largely agree with his agenda, and wish him well.

As a number of pundits have observed, so far nobody has identified a crime that anybody can be acused of. Given the leaky nature of DC and the receptivity of the press to anti-Trump gossip, if no crime has been identified there probably was none committed. That means this isn't Watergate, but is a tantrum thrown by beside-themselves progressives, out of their collective minds because the "arc of history" Obama bragged about has proven to be bunk.

One supposes they are experiencing the feelings a Southern Baptist might have being governed by atheists. I understand it can't be fun for them, even if schadenfreude occurs in my vicinity with some regularity.