Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Human Sacrifice

Debra Soh, Ph.D., writes science for The Globe and Mail (Canada). She shows the allegations made by James Damore in the now-infamous Google manifesto arguing that gender influences occupational choice are backed by much research, some of which she cites. In general, men and women make different life choices, although not every individual in each group will conform to group norms, nor need they.

Damore was fired, not for lying about the human condition, but for telling the truth when that truth is inconvenient, unpopular with societal opinion leaders. His true allegations were not politically correct, and Google leadership felt they couldn't afford to tolerate their promulgation.

Whistleblowers seldom thrive in situ. Damore was sacrificed on the altar of expediency. One has to believe he knew, or should have known, it would happen. Hat tip to RealClearScience for the link.