Monday, January 30, 2017

A Go-To-Blazes History of Rednecks

We don't have to be serious all the damn time, I want to put you next to some fun. A good ol' boy named Joe Bob Briggs has written what he calls "A Brief History of the Redneck" for Taki's Magazine, and it is a hoot. Here's a sample:
There’s a direct line from the Presbyterian Church to the Ulster wars to the Whiskey Rebellion to bib overalls to moonshine to country music to NASCAR to the ability to vote for Trump while simultaneously despising him.
Most Southern politicians know that rednecks might be just a little crazy. Because the redneck alpha male is paranoid. All these Scots-Irish whiskey farmers have been hounded by kings, presidents, and revenue agents for 400 years. They assume anyone they don’t know is probably gonna kill ’em. So they’re secretive, sneaky, and hair-trigger violent.
Joe Bob proudly claims to be a redneck member in good standing. He traces the roots of the Scots Irish Protestants from the violent borderer lowlands on both sides of Hadrian's Wall, through Ulster, to Appalachia and beyond.