Thursday, January 19, 2017

Californians Support Deportation, Oppose Sanctuaries

Politico reports on the findings of a poll of CA voters done by the Hoover Institution and Stanford University. Some findings were not what you'd expect from the deep blue state.
On Trump’s plan to suspend immigration from countries with links to terrorism, a plurality of California voters, 42 percent, said it would make California “better off.” That compares to 35 percent who said “worse off,” and 23 percent who had no view.

Regarding the effects of Trump’s promise to deport illegal immigrants, 44 percent said it would make California “better off,’’ 39 percent said worse off,’’ and 18 percent undecided, the poll showed.

On Trump’s plan to end “sanctuary cities,’’ 41 percent expressed support, 36 percent said they were opposed, and 22 percent were undecided.
I predict CA Gov. Jerry Brown will ignore this evidence of voter disapproval of his program.