Monday, January 2, 2017

Fun with Social Class

There has been much punditry concerning the bi-coastal social elites who run the media, establish the narrative, and have more or less run things for some decades. Their isolation from the nation's core culture is viewed as a reason for the success of the Trump-led populist rebellion.

Have some New Years fun. Go take Charles Murray's Bubble Quiz, the PBS version done for Paul Solman's Making Sen$e series for the News Hour.

You end up with a score indicating the extent to which you live in an elite bubble distanced from the cares and concerns of everyday Americans. The lower your score the more isolated you are. Full disclosure: I took the quiz and got a score of 41, not very isolated.

The Bubble Quiz nailed me as "A first-generation upper-middle-class person with middle-class parents." A key factor I'm certain was my longtime love of pickup trucks, hardly an elite passion.

It probably helps explain why I - a Ph.D. - atypically favored Donald Trump. I am acquainted with (and related to) lots of folks who live outside the elite bubble, though by education and profession I certainly earned elite membership. As a would-be pundit, it helps to have (as I do) a foot in both camps.