Monday, January 16, 2017

Lewis a Serial Boycotter

Congressman John Lewis (D-GA) has announced that he is boycotting the inauguration of Donald Trump, the Twitchy website quotes Lewis from NBC's Meet the Press as follows:
I don't plan to attend the inauguration...first one I miss since I been in Congress.
However, The Washington Post reported the following back in January 21, 2001, with regard to the Bush inauguration:
Some members of the Black Caucus decided to boycott Inauguration Day; John Lewis, for instance, spent the day in his Atlanta district.
Lewis missing a Republican inauguration is somewhat normal behavior for him, contrary to all the hullabaloo in the MSM. The inauguration will be no less formal and official for his absence, and he is certainly entitled to stay away if he chooses.

I do somewhat resent him lying about it being his first no-show, that is simply untrue. Perhaps at 76 he has become somewhat forgetful.