Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Serendipity and Memory

The DrsC are in Burbank, CA, for a couple of days checking out the left coast version of the Universal Studios theme park. Having by accident eaten a big lunch, we ended up not wanting much supper so we decided on ice cream for 'supper.'

We looked up the nearest Baskin Robbins 31 Flavors store and quite by accident it turned out to be their "mother" store, Not only is the store on Victory Blvd. where they do their training of new franchisees, it is also where they showcase all their new product lines - pretty cool. If you like BR flavors, it is worth a visit. The only downside, the parking lot is tight for full sized pickup trucks - tight but doable.

About the CA version of Universal Studios, the tram-ride "studio tour" is unique because this location actually is a working movie and TV studio, several shows were shooting there today. The FL version is much more a theme park.

We are - atypically for Los Angeles - experiencing some rain yesterday and today, probably tomorrow too. While it is true that when rain comes to SoCal it normally comes in winter (Dec. - Mar.), more often than not little falls and drought results.

It's why the movie studios located here anyway, lots of good filming sunshine. Summer rain in CA is almost unknown; most summers see zero rain, falls and springs only experience slightly more. By contrast, FL gets rain almost daily in summer, with thunderstorms the norm.

A fun thing about visiting this region is my parents met and married here and I lived here as a small child. The unusual street and place names all ring bells in my way-back pre-puberty memories. I grew up hearing Victory Boulevard and Sepulveda, Cahuenga and Melrose, Mulholland and Lankershim, Tarzana and Reseda. It is the SoCal 'catechism' and it echoes in my skull.