Friday, January 27, 2017

Week One: A Whirlwind in Office

If you've been paying attention, you know President Trump has been very active in his first week in office. He is also having too much fun gaslighting the press, who are constitutionally unable to ignore his taunts and outrageous exaggerations.

Back when we made the comparison to Teddy Roosevelt, we said we suspected he would be a similar perpetual-motion machine in office. So far, he is exactly that.

Like self-made super-successes everywhere, he is constantly in motion, doing, adjusting, selling, and planning. Count on it, he wakes in the morning thinking about what he can get done today before lunch, and after, and looks upon the prospect with relish, with enthusiasm.

Take it from an old management prof, you don't get to be a Donald Trump by relaxing and kicking back, or by hanging out and playing. You get there because you work harder, and smarter, and more hours too, than the competition. You need more than a little luck, which he also has.

If you are good at selling (he is) you are also good at reading people, knowing what they're thinking, how they are receiving what you're delivering, Things Trump has said make it clear he is constantly evaluating how his shtick is playing with the audience.