Friday, April 7, 2017

An ExPat's Gloomy Assessment

Jason M. Opal writes in Time magazine with the title:
America Should Never Be 'Great Again'
He argues that the U.S. has been a serial abuser of all and sundry and an ugly place, although possibly redeemable. Opal knows a lot about American history, including Andrew Jackson, but doesn't like much of what he sees. He is your classic glass-always-at-least-half-empty liberal/progressive.

Before getting serious about his arguments, you should know that Opal has moved from the U.S. to Canada where he teaches at McGill University. I daresay his America-ain't-so-hot rhetoric will be well received there.

It's not that Canadians are anti-American, they spend too much time here to hate us. It's more like envy. They get tired of being our "little brother up north, " living in our shadow, being mistaken for us overseas.

Canadians like to see us taken down a peg now and then, it's understandable. What isn't understandable is Time publishing this dreary mea culpa. It's likely Macleans turned it down.