Wednesday, April 19, 2017

GA Disappoints Ossoff

The good news just keeps on coming. The Georgia 6 House district did not give Democrat Jon Ossoff a majority. The outcome ensures a runoff which he is likely to lose to the leading Republican vote-getter - Karen Handel.

The suburban Atlanta district normally votes Republican. Ossoff raised and spent a ton of money, was endorsed by various celebrities, and ran against a splintered Republican field of nearly a dozen contenders. All to no avail.

Last week it was a district in Kansas where Republicans also prevailed. The special elections are called to replace House members Trump has appointed to various posts. He was careful to select people from "safe" districts.

Two consecutive loses suggest Democrats need to figure out how to get white votes, so far they've been failing to accomplish that. It isn't clear the goal is achievable with the "hating white privilege" flag nailed to their mast. They did better with the "we're for Joe and Jill Sixpack, of every race and creed" message Kennedy and Johnson ran on.

Perhaps there's no going back. Republicans certainly hope that is the case.