Friday, April 7, 2017

Gutting Administrative Overkill

You can take your pick of liberal commentators who write Trump is floundering. A few of the cannier observers have noted that he's really getting a heck of a lot done, mostly below the radar. For example, Matt Lewis writes at The Daily Beast with the title:
Don't Get Fooled, Trump Is Winning.
Trump's biggest win so far, 49 year old Neil Gorsuch going to the Supreme Court for life. Gorsuch could serve for 40 years - in Trumpian terms, this is yuuge. A president can do few things which cast a 40 year shadow.

Lewis identifies just a few of the Federal regulations Trump has overturned, not to mention the simple idea that we will enforce existing immigration law, something neither Bush nor Obama would do. You'll like Lewis' conclusion:
While the media has focused on the shiny objects—the scandals and legislative failures—they have all but ignored the fact that the Trump administration has been quietly changing America. Whether by design—or by coincidence—Trump’s gains have been overshadowed by the chaotic, the urgent and the interesting.

Although this stands in sharp contrast to Trump’s action-oriented rhetoric, it doesn’t lessen the fact that, slowly but surely, he is moving the country in a more conservative direction. There’s no telling how many federal judges, never mind Supreme Court Justices, he might appoint. There’s no telling how many bureaucratic regulations he might repeal.

Most political change is incremental. The greatest trick Donald Trump ever pulled was convincing the world that his presidency was floundering.
Expect him to do quickly those things which he can control w/o the help of Congress. Things Congress must do will take many months. It moves with the alacrity of cold molasses, and it's only in session maybe half time.