Monday, April 3, 2017

Insider Gossip

Trump's likely nominee to be ambassador to NATO - Richard Grenell - told the Daily Mail (U.K.) the following about the "unmasking" of Americans whose calls were overheard by government eavesdropper:
Former State Department colleagues of mine have been talking about Susan Rice's role for weeks. She and her team certainly were hyper-partisan throughout their tenure.

I think that it would be easy to figure out if Susan Rice and Ben Rhodes knew about this, because if they did, clearly President Obama knew about it.
The Mail goes on to explain:
There is not necessarily anything illegal or unusual about a national security advisor seeking to unmask names in raw reports, in order to fully understand the meaning of intercepted conversations.

But leaking those names to people who lack the security clearance to view the source documents is a federal felony.

She insisted last month that she was in the dark about any efforts to identify Trump-linked private individuals in intelligence reports, after House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes publicly exposed the 'unmasking.'

'I know nothing about this,' Rice told PBS.
Reminder of a Watergate truism: The cover-up is always worse than the offense. Hat tip to for the link.