Wednesday, April 19, 2017

It's Sanders Party Now

Writing at The Federalist, John Daniel Davidson argues that the Democrats are being taken over by their extreme leftist wing, the Bernie Sanders people.
Put simply, this is Sanders’ party now. The avowed socialist’s insurgent presidential campaign last year exposed a sclerotic Democratic Party leadership woefully out of touch with its progressive base—a base that was at times openly hostile to the party’s designated heir apparent, Hillary Clinton, and completely uninterested in appeals to the white working class.

The irony is that those who lionize Sanders still don’t seem all that concerned about the things he cares about.

The problem is, he’s now the de facto leader of a party that has embraced his socialism but written off the white working class, which it needs to win national elections.
The white working class doesn't buy the whole #BlackLivesMatter mantra. Democrats have sown the wind of minority identity group politics, and are belatedly reaping the whirlwind of white identity group politics. Serves 'em right, IMHO. Hat tip to RealClearPolitics for the link.