Thursday, April 13, 2017

Lack of Sweetness in Sweden

The Spectator (U.K.) reports Swedes are beginning to get serious about the problems posed by their large, indigestible lump of Islamic immigrants. These individuals exist on welfare, create no-go zones for police, commit crimes, harrass Swedish women, and send lots of jihadis off to join the Caliphate.

Meanwhile the Swedish government says "Everything is fine, nothing to see here, we can't imagine what Trump is talking about." In other words, the government ministers are virtue signalling like mad. In neighboring Norway being a jihadi is illegal, not so in Sweden.

It is likely the anti-immigrant, anti-establishment Sweden Democrats political party will do well in coming elections. Trump is correct, Sweden needs its own populist firebrand.
Factoid: "Swede" is British slang for the ugly-tasting root vegetable we call a rutabaga. I don't think Brits mean it to be complimentary to natives of Sweden.