Wednesday, April 19, 2017

O'Reilly Leaving Fox News

CNBC is reporting Bill O'Reilly will not return to his highly rated Fox News network show. This after allegations of sexual harassment by the long-time program host.

In all honesty, O'Reilly has not been a favorite of COTTonLINE. I experienced him as a blowhard, his popularity was difficult to understand. Along with Shep Smith, the two were my least favorite FNN personalities.

My favorite FNN show is the Bret Baier Special Report. I like a straight news show with opinions confined to the panel.

CNBC reports Tucker Carlson will replace O'Reilly, raising the unanswered question: Who will take Carlson's current spot?
Somebody needs to talk about a business model in which the clear-eyed intent is to hire beautiful, smart, educated, poised women as on-air talent. Then expect straight men co-workers in this environment not to notice or be affected thereby. Is this even vaguely rational?

Remember the Hogwarts guys' reactions to part-Veela Fleur Delacour and her part-Veela cousins, as imagined by straight woman author - J. K. Rowling. Not much rational about that, tongue-stepping happening left and right. There are wall-to-wall "Veelas" at Fox News.

I understand the women often find guys coming on to them irritating, especially when the guys are old, ugly and uninteresting. My point is, to some degree the guys can't help it, any more than gals can help the behavior Trump incredulously described to Billy Bush. Humans are wired that way, however much we wish it wasn't so or find it embarrassing.
Later ... The Hill reports the new FNN lineup. Carlson moves from 9 to 8, The Five moves from 5 to 9,  their slot at 5 will be filled starting May 1 by a new show hosted by O'Reilly fill-in Eric Bolling,  Martha McCollum will continue at 7 but her show name will change from The First 100 Days to The Story. Baier continues at 6, Hannity continues at 10. All times Eastern.