Thursday, April 6, 2017


What fun! This afternoon at 2:52 pm PDT, I posted a statement saying I concluded the best way to respond to the use of poison gas in Syria was to take out the Syrian air force.

Imagine my delight when after 6 pm I discovered that what I proposed is what Trump et al., quite independently, had decided to do, using 50+ Tomahawk cruise missiles. Time will tell if we and they made the right decision.

TV is reporting the U.S. alerted the Russians who had men at the base we chose to hit so they could get out of the way. Presumably the Russians shared the intel with the Syrians.

My concern is the Syrians flew their aircraft out of harm's way before the missiles started falling. If all we did was blow up hangars and fuel tanks, and crater runways, we didn't get much bang for $26 million in flying bombs. Aircraft are much harder to replace than ground facilities.