Saturday, April 22, 2017

Rumination on Earth Day

Earth Day is today. People are marching in support of "science," which needs no support as nobody denies real scientific findings ... they are demonstrable.

The supposed "science" they march in favor is the belief that humans are destroying this beautiful planet. If you live in an urban area, that is an easy belief to hold.

Once you get 50 miles from the nearest urban sprawl, it becomes much harder, requires much more faith of the sort religion demands. Basically, the faith that asks no proof, no demonstration.

I have been around the world, sailed the major oceans and many of the seas, and visited 115 countries. Huge parts of this globe look exactly as they did before the first human saw them.

Yes, places of dense human habitation are changed, radically. Actually, most are quite unattractive, the exceptions like Singapore notwithstanding.

Part of the year I live next door to a nearly 300 acre pasture, which during winter is home to perhaps 50 cattle. They are picturesque, agreeable neighbors, we hear a moo now and then, not often. Perhaps once a year I'll get a faint barnyard whiff. That is low-density living for cattle.

Compare that with the feed lots you've driven past. The same exact cattle in high density conditions are ugly and they smell awful. You'd not live anywhere near them.

Too many people, living close enough together, can make small areas awful. The culprit is density, exactly the thing every urban planner loves and advocates most.

A march against density is a march I could join.