Saturday, April 8, 2017

Saturday Snickers

As usual, Steven Hayward has posted his weekly collection of cartoons, captioned photos, and snarky sayings - what he calls "The Week in Pictures" - on Power Line. Some favorites described:

The famous still from Dr. Strangelove of Slim Pickins riding a nuke out of a B-52 bomb bay down toward Russian soil, waving his hat like a bronc rider. The grinning face of Mitch McConnell has been Photoshopped© onto Pickins' body. No caption needed.

Screenshot of a CNN talking head, with a map of Wyoming in corner, above a chyron which says:
Trump Assertions That Wyoming Exists Are Bogus
Famous Village People still Photoshopped© with Barack Obama as the cop, Joe Bliden as the hardhat, Al Sharpton as the soldier, Bernie Sanders as the cowboy, Elizabeth Warren as the Indian chief, and Hillary Clinton as the bad biker; captioned:
The Village Idiots
A somber photo of President Obama overcaptioned:
You Can Believe In 
Outdoor photo of modern GI in helmet and sun glasses. yelling:
Heads Down
Incoming Liberal Bullshit!
Imagine if Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean) in drag had posed for the Mona Lisa portrait - someone has somehow created this near-sickening image ... grossly funny.

Highly modified photo of an old man with a greatly elongated nose, captioned:
Never snort