Saturday, April 29, 2017

Saturday Snickers

Every Saturday Steven Hayward of Power Line brings forth his current collection of cartoons, whimsically captioned photos, and general snark. You may have noticed I don't always identify my favorites, perhaps because some weeks bring forth not-so-funny reactions, or at least ones that don't amuse me much. This week's good ones:

Two photos, one of KKK members in hoods and robes, one of Antifa members in black hoodies and balaclavas. These are respectively labeled:
Democrat Party Then                Democrat Party Now
A movie still of Tom Hanks playing Forrest Gump, looking bewildered, captioned:
And one day for no particular reason
We became offended by everything
Two panel cartoon. First panel shows Obama who speaks to a generic bureaucrat:
Obama: Allow boys in the girl's bathroom or lose federal funding.
Bureaucrat: Cool.
Second panel shows Trump who speaks to the same generic bureaucrat:
Trunp: Follow immigration law or lose federal funding.
Bureaucrat: Unconstitutional.
Photo of the smiling leader of North Korea waving, captioned:
Kim Jong Un has people killed at the drop of a hat,
Yet curiously, allows his barber to live.
Photo of President Obama posed before an American flag, captioned:
Who remembers what this man accomplished in his first 100 days? Or during his 8 years in office?
Poster with this slogan:
If Democrats thought for one minute
that illegals were voting Republican,
you'd see the Border Wall from Space!
Cartoon of the Democrat donkey, lying dead on its back with four feet in the air, captioned:
A photo of two chicken McNuggets and a french fry drizzled with catsup, labeled:
Tender morsels of free-range chicken with heritage wheat crust,
Served with pommes frites and a sweetened tomato reduction.
You'll like the Star Wars light switch, too.