Monday, April 24, 2017

The Bush Clan, a Retrospective

Writing at American Thinker, David Prentice looks at the legacy of the Bush family: two presidents and a governor. His conclusion: they were lame, particularly for the Republican Party.
Here were their mutual mistakes: 1. Lack of vision. 2. Not communicating or connecting well. 3. Not keeping their promises. 4. Not recognizing the depths of depravity of their political opponents.

While the left was, and is, at war with us (the right), the Bush family appeased it. In a word, they were naïve.
Hindsight, that clearest of all visions, suggests Prentice is correct. H.W. squandered the Reagan legacy, W. was "wet," to use Maggie Thatcher's term, and Jeb was just the wrong guy at the wrong time.

They seemed decent people, but not especially effective. Examples of the Peter Principle it appears. Hat tip to for the link.