Sunday, April 30, 2017

Where Ideas Go To Die

John Kass writes opinion for the Chicago Tribune. Today he bemoans the rising fascism of the left, seen most vividly on our campuses. He writes:
It's there in front of you, the thuggish mobs of the left killing free speech at American universities. The thugs call themselves antifas, for anti-fascists.

They beat people up and break things and set fires and intimidate. These are not anti-fascists. These are fascists. This is what fascists do.

American universities were once thought to be the last great refuge of ideas, where ideas could flourish and be challenged and debated. But today, the university is the place where liberty and ideas go to die.

If the left agrees with your views, you may speak. If the left doesn't agree, they will shut you down. This is America now.

University administrators have made a show of wringing their hands. But they're hypocrites. They're part of this. They are of the same cloth. They allowed this seed to bloom. They watered it, by giving in to the young who demanded a safe space from intellectual challenge.

True enough, but we've told those "administrators" they absolutely must keep lots of minority kids on campus and graduate them. And minority kids do hear things that offend them, spoken intentionally or not. Sometimes it's because their subcultures hold different values than our mainstream culture holds.

Given power for the first (and possibly only) time in their lives, the minority kids bully college administrators, threatening to leave en masse or make a scene. To meet that first goal, administrators believe they must suppress things minority kids find offensive.

Should they? No, they should refuse such demands. They don't because white administrators know, unlike the minority students, they are expendable and replaceable, easily thrown under the bus, careers ruined.

Finally, nobody stands up for free speech by conservatives, since nearly all who could safely do so are lefties. Now you know why campuses roll over and play dead for angry snowflakes.