Monday, May 15, 2017

Big Data: Non-White Voting Down

The Washington Post reports findings from an immense survey done by the Census Bureau of 2016 voters. It finds there was no very large spike in white voters, college-educated or otherwise.
There were significant changes in turnout in other demographics. Significant drops in black and Hispanic turnout in some states may have cost Hillary Clinton some previously blue states.
The data show turnout was either low or declining for every demographic except whites. In a generally down year, a group which isn't down could be said to have "spiked," don't you think?

My prediction that, given the Clinton loss, Democrats will not nominate another white for president in the next few quadrennial cycles is looking better with the passage of time. The data shows minorities are more likely to turn out for a non-white candidate.

Identity group tribal politics by Democrats eventually forced white voters to become a tribe too, called "Republicans." Unintended consequences are a b*tch.