Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Instapundit Glenn Reynolds links to an article in The Atlantic about feminism, which contains this ironic quote:
With the arrival of a cheap, easily exploited army of poor and luckless women—fleeing famine, war, the worst kind of poverty, leaving behind their children to do it, facing the possibility of rape or death on the expensive and secret journey—one of the noblest tenets of second-wave feminism collapsed like a house of cards.

The new immigrants were met at the docks not by a highly organized and politically powerful group of American women intent on bettering the lot of their sex but, rather, by an equally large army of educated professional-class women with booming careers who needed their children looked after and their houses cleaned.

Any supposed equivocations about the moral justness of white women's employing dark-skinned women to do their shit work simply evaporated.
A number of political careers have been derailed by the revelation that the candidates had undocumented ladies tending their kids and failed to pay the employer taxes on their wages.