Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Punch, Kick and Stomp Elites

The Chicago Tribune's John Kass has good insight. He sees Trump as a symptom of the failures of the coastal elites to respond to the needs of the "deplorable" interior, as we noted yesterday.
I grew up with these people. They don't deserve the shaming that comes their way.

They were betrayed. And all they want, really, is meaningful work and to not be told they're idiotic or hateful simply because they dare support traditional values, and that a nation should shape its culture by controlling its own borders.

They knew Trump was loud, they knew he was vulgar, they knew he was trouble. And they voted for him because they wanted him to make trouble.

They wanted him to punch the Washington elites in the mouth, to kick them and stomp on them as they had been kicked and stomped on. They detest the ruling elites in the modern Versailles so much that they installed a character like Trump.
Do you see much with which to disagree? I don't. A brash wealthy guy who was able (and willing) to self-fund a campaign was the only sort of candidate who could represent their values. All others were dependent on the donor class which was happy with the status quo and wanted no change therefrom.