Monday, May 8, 2017

Macron's 'Mandate'

A Brit who once lived in Paris went back to experience the presidential election, which she writes about for the Daily Mail (U.K.). See her view of "what the Macron win means."
It is an illusion to imagine 20.6 million voted for Macron. Many voted against Le Pen. Others pledged support with noses held.

Macron's biggest rivals are a right-wing woman with a solid core of 11 million ardent supporters and over 16 million people who believe in democracy but would rather not vote at all than give Macron a mandate to lead.

He says he is about unity? He has his work cut out.
Do the math. Macron won 20.6 million votes. Some 27 million people voted against him, posted blank ballots, or stayed home. Over half of France either shrugged or voted "no." The EU lives to fight another day, with nothing approaching a ringing mandate. Hat tip to for the link.