Monday, May 1, 2017

May Day

Today is May 1, 2017. Other parts of the world celebrate it as their Labor Day, and Communists have celebrated it since their founding. Apparently, a number of angry snowflakes will be marching in the U.S., protesting the existence of human beings, our exhalations of carbon dioxide, and other evils.

The snowflakes' underlying gripe: they aren't properly distributed to elect a president. Progressives are clustered in a dozen large metro areas where, instead of getting a mere majority, they constitute a supermajority thus wasting votes.


My favorite association with this day was a sing-song rhyme two friends in grad school recited at this time each year. Both were from Minnesota, of Scandinavian heritage, and accustomed to frigid winters. Oregon's cool wet winters reminded them of late spring in MN. They would chorus:
Hey, hey, the first of May
Outdoor screwing starts today.
I guess you had to be from MN to fully appreciate it. To a SoCal native, it seemed old fashioned and definitely not West Coast.
Nostalgia, anyone?