Monday, May 1, 2017

Monday Morning Snark

Friend Earl sends a Patriot Post photo of a man scratching his head, obviously puzzled. The caption is excellent:
If business owners are so greedy
And women make 30% less than men,
Why do they ever hire men at all?
Having spent some time with several medical offices recently (I'm okay, thanks for asking), you quickly see the medico-dental world has figured this out. It hires almost entirely women at the sub-professional level.

Translation: if it ain't a doctor or dentist, it is likely female, maybe 85-90%. A few male nurses, but zillions of women pushing paper, checking vitals, delivering food, passing instruments, taking notes, doing ultrasounds, taking x-rays, drawing blood samples, analyzing same, cleaning teeth, doing machine-based eye tests, fitting glasses, billing, scheduling, the list is exhaustive.

Most of these require no baccalaureate degree, maybe an A.A. or A.S. and certificate. As population ages, more work for medical staff, more jobs for women who are probably not paid especially well.
Meanwhile we sent the well-paid manufacturing jobs overseas = fewer jobs for men w/o college.

Women with jobs don't want to marry (and support) men w/o jobs so fewer marriages at the sub-college level. Result: more hook-ups, more out-of-wedlock births, more screwed-up kids, more single moms, more societal dysfunction.

It falls somewhat short of ideal, he said sarcastically.