Sunday, May 14, 2017

Saturday Snark, a Day Late

Once again we link to Steven Hayward's weekly compilation of cartoons, captioned photos, and other whimsy which he posts at Power Line. Some favorites described:

Photo of a very disappointed-looking Chuck Schumer, captioned:
I've just been informed that
the entire base of my party is
outside the mainstream.
Photo of a bright red baseball cap with this slogan embroidered across the front in white letters:
Make Schumer Cry Again 
Photo of a stern Leonard Nimoy in full Spock regalia, captioned:
Logic dictates:
if gun owners were as violent as anti-gunners say they are,
there would be no anti-gunners.
Photo of the three great pyramids of Egypt, captioned:
When will we take down
these monuments of slavery
Cartoon of former President Obama, at a podium labeled "J.F.K. Profiles in Hypocrisy." He says:
I call on lawmakers to have the courage to NOT
ram through a partisan health care bill, like I did... 
Photo of a gold plated, engraved presentation model 1911 Colt automatic pistol with bone grips, captioned:
The Trump .45
Since the 44 didn't work for
the last 8 years