Monday, May 1, 2017

The Resistance as Humor

Kurt Schlichter is developing into a conservative snarkmeister, with bells on. He blogs at Townhall and can turn a wickedly funny phrase, today about the failures of #TheResistance.

Some choice examples: He calls Hillary Clinton "Felonia von Pantsuit," describes her as "that horrible, sick old woman," supported by "the catamite media." Some quotes:
Polls show readers are less likely to trust the mainstream media than random emails from Nigerian princes.
And he describes his cynic's view of A Handmaid's Tale.
A giant Christian conspiracy to create a gay-killing theocracy where women are slaves who are forced to cover their bodies and who are occasionally genitally mutilated. Sure, that scenario sounds familiar (Radical Islam), but I just can’t place it (Radical Islam). Oh, right – it’s totally Donald Trump’s agenda (Radical Islam).
He looks forward to many more conservative judges.
Thanks to Harry Reid, who is currently back in Nevada living in a sex dungeon with his NordicTrack/dominatrix.
And he finishes with a Yoda-ism:
Pathetic you are, for win you do not, despite your media friends and your sex organ sombreros.
If laugh at stupid progressives you would, his column must you read. (Schlichter channels Yoda better than I.)