Saturday, May 27, 2017

Who Cares?

On the PBS Washington Week program yesterday, Associated Press reporter Erica Werner said the following about Trump people having contact with Russians (scroll down):
I’ve heard from several lawmakers of both parties that they do not hear about this issue in town halls, from their voters when they go home. They don’t hear about Russia. They hear about health care. They hear about jobs. So they aren’t getting pressure from constituents, even Democrats, on this issue.
No kidding, it's what media types like to call a "nothingburger." Nobody thinks Russia is about to attack any part of the U.S., and it no longer is the marketing arm of an international political conspiracy called "Communism." So most Americans aren't fussed about who talks to them.

Estonians care, Poles care, Moldavians, Czechs, Montenegrins and Georgians care as they're all "under the gun," more or less literally. Americans? Not so much.

The exceptions: people inside the Beltway and Democrat activists (including most of the media) desperate for a scandal labeled R.
Can you say "out of step?"