Thursday, May 11, 2017

Wrong Frame of Reference

About the firing of James Comey, FBI Director, by President Trump, some words of wisdom from the retired Management prof who writes this blog. The media who view this action as abrupt are using the wrong reference frame.

Until quite recently, Donald Trump had never been a government executive. He was CEO of a privately owned firm.

Therefore, don't expect Trump to act like government executive. Expect him, when possible, to act like a private enterprise CEO. He'll be decisive, act quickly.

If a CEO decides to fire someone, they are normally escorted off the property by closing time that day, carrying a cardboard box of their personal effects. This is roughly what happened to Comey, an appointee who served at the pleasure of the president.

The "You're fired!" he was famous for on The Apprentice was the real deal, as Mike Flynn, and now James Comey, have learned the hard way. Indecisiveness isn't one of Trump's shortcomings.

Deal with it.