Sunday, July 16, 2017

CA a Plantation State

At the overtly pro-Trump website American Greatness, Editor Chris Buskirk writes about two events which happen to coincide timewise: Joe Scarborough leaving the GOP while Kid Rock announces for the GOP Senate run in Michigan. His basic story is fun and not wrong.

I want to emphasize something he sort of throws in for "ballast" or justification along the way, a really pointed description of the "going to Hell" path my native state of California has been traveling.
The Golden State, once the incarnation of the American Dream, is collapsing. The state’s defenders—there are a few—will say, “Hey, California is the world’s sixth-largest economy!”

Behind that bit of boosterism lies illegal immigration, legal drugs, out-of-control state spending, massive unfunded pension liabilities resulting from years of the legislature paying off the public sector unions, crumbling infrastructure, and a gap between rich and poor that resembles nothing so much as the plantation states of Central America whose example California is eagerly following—a state divided between the monied gentry and the people who serve them.

California is now a vision of a potential American dystopian future.
Buskirk obviously infers: "the (white and Asian) monied gentry and the (brown and black) people who serve them." And he could have added a reference that, as in the antebellum South, a largely white and Asian 'overseer' class of public employees run the schools, hospitals, criminal justice and welfare systems.