Friday, July 14, 2017

Deeply Corrupt and Incompetent

Instapundit Glenn Reynolds links to a Washington Examiner article wherein Lisa Boothe puts the "Don Jr. meets a Russian lawyer" thing in perspective. See her conclusion:
To be clear, none of this is okay. This isn't an effort to justify Donald Jr.'s decisions. But politics is a dirty industry. Many of the people criticizing him have spent plenty of time playing in the mud. They could at least wipe themselves off before handing down hypocritical moral judgments on others.
To this, Reynolds adds:
Given that we have the worst political class in our history, yelling “Trump is not normal!” doesn’t persuade. Given that our political class is also deeply corrupt and incompetent, calling Trump corrupt and incompetent doesn’t carry a lot of weight either. Given how many of them — *cough*Hillary*cough* — are on the take from foreign countries, the Russian thing seems like weak sauce. 
Analysis: If anything, understated.