Saturday, July 15, 2017

Saturday Snarkfest

Herein follows my picks from Steven Hayward's weekly collection for Power Line of cartoons, captioned photos, witty sayings, and generalized snark. As Hayward notes in his intro, a lot of the same topics are recycled this week from last week and the week before.

A four panel cartoon: first panel shows a man beside a woman in a pink pussy hat, he says:
Watch this...
Second panel, he looks at her and says:
Third panel, she explodes and melts down as he looks smug.
Fourth panel, he says:
Works every time!

A cartoon send-up of the West Side Story musical poster, modified somewhat. Labeled Mess Side Story, and showing a singing elephant and a singing donkey.
The elephant sings:
I like to be in America!
Grow money tree in America!
The donkey sings:
Everything free in America ...
for a huge fee in America!
Two panels, side by side. First panel, the cartoon characters Beavis and Butthead. The second panel, a photo of Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, who bear an uncanny resemblance to the cartoon guys. This one you need to see to appreciate.

Photo of a very bummed George Clooney, captioned:
When you love refugees, but you have
to leave your Italian chateau, as it's not
safe anymore due to refugees
Photo of an aircraft dropping fire retardant on a suburban forest fire, captioned:
Official state bird
of California 
Photo of a World War II B-29 bomber, with nose art saying:
Only a WW II history buff will get that one.

Two photos, side by side. In the first the Snuggle™teddy bear, in the second an Ewok©. The pair captioned:
What happens when teddy bears do meth