Thursday, February 2, 2017


The Washington Post's Chris Cillizza posts two charts, from the centrist lobbying group Third Way, that show both graphically and numerically how the GOP today dominates the country's politics. The 2016 presidential map is labeled thusly:
     HRC = 15,296,202 or 64.6%
     Trump = 8,389,049 or 35.4%
Other 47 states
     HRC = 50,548,408 or 48.1%
     Trump = 54,590,587 or 51.9%
The current House map is labeled thus:
Acela Corridor and Pacific Coast
     = 98-34 Dem House lead
Other 40 states
      = 96-207 GOP House lead
Cillizza concludes Democrats have become a coastal party and need to broaden their appeal in the rest of the country. What do you suppose gave him that wildly 'original' idea? Odd that it isn't persuasive to Democrats.