Friday, February 3, 2017

Getting Real

A long-time, mildly successful comedienne now retired writes a weekly column for Power Line about the wryly humorous aspects of life and politics. Today she writes about the crazy reactions to Trump's locker room talk about celebrities' ability to take liberties with eager female fans.
I was on the road for 30 years doing comedy. I witnessed hordes of women – waitresses, audience members, reporters – approach the “stars” with phone numbers, room keys, underwear, and equally subtle hints that they might be available for grabbing. And most comics approached were “nobodies,” like me, not major stars like Jerry Seinfeld or Larry the Cable Guy.

Women are attracted to money, fame and power. It is a fact. The time-honored exchange has always been youth, beauty and sex for access to that money, fame and power. I am not saying it is right or fair, it’s just what IS. Even the ugliest male troll in Congress can get lucky with very little effort because of the “power” part. As for the money part, Donald spoke the truth, in what he thought was confidence to another rich boy eleven years ago.

The ginned-up eternal outrage that followed Trump’s factual, if ill-advised, locker-room talk made me cringe far more than the sentiment he expressed. But that’s just me. Life has made me equally cynical where bad behavior of both men and women is concerned.
She expresses my reaction exactly, it's one of those well-known facets of human behavior about which we are not supposed to speak, How else to explain trophy wives?