Monday, February 13, 2017

Just Asking ....

CBS TV in Los Angeles reports California Senate President Pro Tem Kevin De Leon told the press half of his relatives are illegals with fake IDs either current or at some past time. This raises an interesting question.

He says his relatives are felons. He knows they are felons. Does that make him an accessory? Would anyone who knows another is in the country illegally and using false papers be similarly guilty if it could be proved they knew of criminal behavior but failed to report it?

That could turn a lot of people with legal status into criminals because they have knowledge of criminal behavior which they fail to report. Such knowledge would be hard to prove, I suppose, unless the guy is dumb enough to say it on-camera. CA Democrats are, self-evidently, doggone dumb as the ten-year-old failure to repair the Oroville Dam spillway indicates.