Saturday, February 18, 2017

Trump Actions Popular

While the old media describe the Trump administration as a disaster, the people who elected him hold  quite another view. USA Today cites findings from a Morning Consult/Politico poll which show this clearly.
The Trump executive orders deemed most controversial by commentators and the news media actually enjoy the approval of either majorities or clear pluralities of Americans registered to vote. Ending federal support for sanctuary cities tops the list: 55% of those surveyed endorse the idea, and only 33% oppose it. The border wall wins by 48% to 42%, the deep-sixing of the Pacific trade deal by 47% to 33%.

The Politico poll found that 55% of registered voters support the (7 Muslim country) travel ban, while only 38% disapprove.
Author Charlotte Allen concludes:
Trump has managed to do something that no U.S. president, even Reagan, has been able to do in recent decades: bring to a screeching halt, if only temporarily, the reign of a globalist, virtue-signaling elite that has gained control of every social and cultural institution, the political establishment (including many Republicans), the news media, the universities, the entertainment industry, even corporations.
That is no small achievement, one long overdue.