Thursday, December 13, 2007

Immigration Is Issue One

Reporters Jim VandeHei and John F. Harris, writing in The Politico, indicate that the need to stop illegal immigration is the number one issue on voters' minds as we head into the primary season. They cite an example of a Republican who recently won in a special election in Ohio using immigration as his main platform.
(Bob) Latta, running in a special election for a suburban Toledo-based House district, crafted a message — echoed by party officials — that bashed illegal immigrants who live here, drive here or get government-funded health care. He won by 14 points. Democrats and Republicans alike credit the immigration message for the big margin. It’s already clear this result is no anomaly.

Interestingly, they find that only Republicans are talking about it. If illegal immigration is really the key issue, and Democrats "won't go there," that seems to be a big advantage for the Republican candidate in November, so long as their nominee is not John "Mr. Amnesty" McCain.