Sunday, November 22, 2009

Travel Blogging

Sorry I couldn't post any entries during the trip just concluded. It was a bitter-sweet trip, containing both good and bad. First the good: my lectures were well-received and the Atlantic Ocean was calm considering it was November. The RCI Navigator of the Seas is the most attractive ship upon which we have cruised and that is saying something as we've been on 12-15 cruise ships, all of them nice.

The bad happened before we boarded. We had a piece of luggage stolen outside our hotel in Malaga, Spain. It contained camera and computer equipment as well as other things of value. As a result, we spent the two days before embarkation scrambling to file a police report, cancel compromised credit cards, change passwords, etc.

This experience certainly made us believers in travel insurance. We traveled home on the cash money they wired us as our plastic was kaput. On shipboard we discovered that several other passengers were robbed in various ways, including one elderly couple who were mugged and injured in the process.

What we learned from the experience: Spain is a pretty place, very well supplied with highly professional ladrones (thieves). I daresay we will be less enthused about returning there, an experience like this tends to sour one on the place it happens. Now we're back to our usual line of blogging for the next month, and then we're off on another adventure.